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Revival (Isaiah 63)

In the passage today, this is basically a prayer.  The nation of Israel is facing difficulty after difficulty.  They are crying out to God to be saved.  But the problem would soon be revealed that more than they needed rescue, they needed revival.

You see, we must make the distinction here in those dark and hopeless moments.  In many ways, what we long for is rescue, but what God really wants to give us is revival.  Revival is greater than rescue.  A rescue changes your circumstance, but revival changes both your circumstance and your heart.  Rescue may end your outward battle, but for many, all the symptoms that put you in the battle in the first place remain.  Revival places you in God’s favor, your heart turns towards Him and in His response, God not only rescues but he revives.

We rarely understand the entire picture when we ask God to save us.  To truly be saved from circumstances usually requires a change and most times, requires a change of heart.  When we ask God to save us, God never intends to leave us the way we were found.  He has specifically designed our walk with Christ to transform us. A rescue alone could never do that for us. We need revival. 

Revival is critical because revival leads to a greater faith.  God has called us to a faith that can change the world, but it must first change us.  Jesus speaks in Matthew of a faith that can move mountains.  As we walk this journey of faith, what we discover is that often, the mountains that need to move are us.  The seemingly impossible task that faith accomplishes is the movement of ourselves.

Rescue will never accomplish what revival can because revival is the flame to the fires of faith in our lives. If revival comes in us and through us, it will take a faith burning in the fires of revival to change the world.  Never settle for rescue when God offers so much more.