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Who We Are

Our Story

Hillside Church began from a small group of Christians who were called to build a Christ-centered community in parts of College Grove, Eagleville, and Rockvale.

Humble beginnings

In the fall of 2020, the church started with 30 people in the Ashworth’s Home in Eagleville, TN, the home of our pastor David Ashworth. In just a few short months, the church grew to over 60 people, stretching the home church location beyond its limits. During this time, we were unable to provide childcare or kids programs. We knew a building was needed, so we fasted and prayed.

God's provision

But God has always provided and protected our community of believers. In the spring of 2021, we moved to our own building in Rockvale, TN. With this move, we are now able to provide more seating, childcare and kids programs, and much more for the community.

Our goal moving into the future is to continue the mission for which we were called: to be a refuge to the community, drawing ourselves and others into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcoming community

We believe our church community is welcoming and close-knit. We often spend time with each other outside of Sunday service, breaking bread at our weekly Open Tables, helping each other when there is a need, and praying for God’s provision and protection in our lives.

We sincerely hope you will join us if you are in search of a Christ-centered community that preaches the Bible and fights for the truth on a daily basis.

Why We Exist

Our Mission

Our mission is simply this:

"We exist to be a refuge, drawing ourselves and others into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ."

The mission of Hillside church is centered on the Gospel. In a world full of influences and difficulty, our heart is to stay true to the words of Jesus in what we know and how we treat people. People are often wounded or find themselves alone.


Our mission is to be a refuge, which is simply a safe place or shelter from daily life in the world. In being a shelter, we long to share the truth of the Gospel for any who would come because we believe the Gospel changes lives and a relationship with Jesus means everything to any person who would desire to know God.

How We Exist

Our Vision


We commit ourselves to knowing and living out Scripture in our daily lives, practicing what we learn in both our words and deeds.


We commit ourselves to each other. To live out the Gospel begins with how we treat our community. Our commitment to our community is simply loving our neighbor.


We commit ourselves to serve God in ministry, outreach and individually as we go where God directs us and we do what God has called us to do.