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Revival – What it is, and what it isn’t – Week 1

God is everywhere, but doesn’t always make his presence known. Revival is a time, usually brought about by a heart of repentance and a prayerful seeking after God, where God’s presence becomes unstoppable. Revival doesn’t begin with unbelievers. It begins first in the church.

Prayer List:

  • Pray for revival in God’s Church
  • Pray for a sense of urgency in the Church for God’s will
  • Pray for conviction of sin, our selfishness, and apathy
  • Pray against numbness to the Gospel and our calling
  • Pray for a relentless prayer life
  • Pray for revival in other churches
  • Pray for those you know who need Christ
  • Pray for God to make His presence known to His people
  • Pray for a filling of the Holy Spirit