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The Two Blind Men (Church Fast Day 11)

Todays Reading: Matthew 20:17 – 21:27

Have you ever begged for something? I’m sure you have. You may have even promised something in return.

I think a lot of us have asked Jesus for something in return for, perhaps, being good? Or to be more devout followers?

But what happened when Jesus provided and then the seasons changed? Did your relationship with Jesus strengthen or wither?

In my experience, I did not uphold my end of the deal. I let my selfish ambitions, my family, and my sins get in the way of my relationship with Jesus.

Matthew 20:29-34 displays a powerful image of two blind men who begged Jesus to be healed. Jesus heals the men and they immediately begin following Him. 

They followed Him immediately! And not just casually, but wholeheartedly. These two men began living for Jesus. Their whole lifestyle changed.

This passage serves as a metaphor for being a lost and hopeless sinner to becoming a found and hopeful follower of Jesus.

When prayers were answered in your life, how did you react? Did you put Jesus back on the shelf to collect dust, or did you make Him top priority and Lord of your life?

My challenge for you is simple: if you can see the blessings that Jesus has given you in your life, what is stopping you from living fully for Jesus?